$10 Shoes

Dear friends,

Simple things like this (lack of shoes) can easily kill a child’s self esteem and affect their general view of life, including their academic performance. Not just that, but this is a serious health hazard that exposes a child to complex diseases from contaminated bathroom floors, most of which are flooded with other people’s urine. It costs $10 to buy shoes but it could cost $500 to treat a complicated preventable disease. I met this boy (far left) this week and although there may be many others like him, my compassion was somehow drawn towards him and I made the impulse decision to buy him shoes.

My challenge to us: How many times do we shop on impulse and what impact does that have on humanity? With cases like this everywhere we look, today I’m challenging you, my friends, to make not an impulsive decision but a conscious one; to touch a young life with a pair of shoes. With $10 (Ksh:1,000) you can buy a pair of shoes & socks for a needy child in Kenya. Add $40 (Ksh:4,000) and you’ve clothed a student from head to toe.

Please let me know if you’d like to bless a child with a pair of shoes and/or school uniform. Meanwhile, for those in the United States of America, please inbox me if you have children’s shoes you’d like to donate to Twinkle Little Stars, Inc. (dba Made To Thrive)!

Rosemary Nzembi

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